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The new generation chooses to build with wood

All around the world experts are talking about new age of construction which is building with wood. “Innovative wood products such as cross-laminated timber and glulam, along with evolving building codes, are enabling architects, designers and engineers to construct wood buildings that meet the needs of both owners and occupants. The efficiency of these building materials, […]

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Five green building strategies

09.01.2018. Thinking “green” is one of the most popular trends in nowadays. And this is not surprising, since the largest countries are trying to solve climate changes and carbon dioxide emissions issues, as well as eco food production and building constructions in environment safe way. Sustainability is on the same importance line. So the developers, architects, and other […]

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The green light for building world’s highest modular building

12.12.2017. Two twin towers – 44 and 38-storey high to be built in the United Kingdom by using steel frame modules. Those will be the highest modular building in the world by offering 546 rental flats.  Currently the highest modular tower is in New York, which is 32-storey high.  Christy Hayes, chief executive of Tide […]

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“Cloud forests” in the middle of Singapore

06.12.2017.  700 trees in the middle of the financial disctrict of Signapure? Just a little of inspire and crazy from the first sightview ideas come true.  From the outside all four blocks look like quite ordinary city scyscrappers with simple geometric forms. The magic starts from the inside, where curved timber terraces are built. “While the […]

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Norway builds the highest wooden skyscrapper

18.10.2017.  In April 2017 the construction of new holder of world’s highest wooden building trophey started in Norway, Brumunddal. “The new wooden ‘skyscraper’, becoming a unique hotel, will open December next year for check-ins and will reach a height of around 81 meters, 18 floors,  a space of 8,000 square meters and a price tag of […]

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Nordic Homes module production “from A to Z”

16.10.2017.  Module production is exciting. And timber farme modules even more. In order to see how it works, please see the video.  This is the first project of 23 townhouses in Rydeback, Sweden. Here are some key facts: 23 two-storey townhouses 92 modules Production time: 63 days Transport logistics: 34 days Site works: 143 days

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Wooden vs concrete – fire test to beat stereotypes

04.09.2017.  In July 2017 the experiment of burning two same size houses was made in Rauna, Latvia. One house was made of wood, with wooden beams and wooden windows, the other – from ceramic blocks, with metal beams and plastic windows. In order to make experiment results indisputable, both houses were equally arranged, and both […]

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Building with wood

01.09.2017.  Wood as a main construction materials is quite commonly used throughout the worlds and is nothing new. On the way of developing the new technologies and knowledges, wood has expanded its importance. Furthermore it has been used for multi-unit buildings even more in last several years. The great exapmples of wooden skyscrapers are in Vancouver, […]

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World’s tallest wooden building

18.08.2017.  Since CLT or Cross Laminated Timber technology came into the market by showing its amazing building performance, several multi-unit buildings have been built around the world. One of the most spectacular example is the Brock Commons at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, which has been topped off, making it the world’s tallest […]

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Earthquake shake tests wooden structures

19.07.2017. Another interesting experiment was made in July this year. A two-story wooden structure endured four (!) different earthquake simulations on the world’s largest outdoor shake table in San Diego, USA. New tests are coming.

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Europe to be leading the timber construction movement

27.06.2017.  According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) study, Europe will be home for tallest timber buildings in the world. “The report found that 21 timber buildings with a height of over 50 metres are set to be completed by 2019.” Those will be France, Austria and Norway.  The study assessed height, […]

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Michael Green- why we should build wooden skyscrappers?

08.05.2017.  Great TED presentation with Michael Green, who discovers his experience with wooden buildings. Here is one of his insights: “Every time people go into my buildings that are wood, I notice they react completely differently. I’ve never seen anybody walk into one of my buildings and hug a steel or a concrete column, but […]

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