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Private homes

Timber framed modular solution for private homes


The timber framed modular system is a great option for building residential housing. There several carefully developed and accurately planned family home projects with terraces and sheds, a parking place, different heating options as well as other additional features. All homes are easy to adapt to according to individual customer needs and requirements, including the number of storeys.

The flexibility of the timber framed modular system allows for the development of different shapes of the modules. The advantage of adapting the existing project to modular technique gives a wide range of architectural options and innovative ideas. By using this unique and contemporary modular system, an enormous amount of time is saved, up to 50% less, compared to traditional construction. This new strategy has opened up opportunities for customers to move into their new home within just a few months of the initial purchase. Furthermore, it is a great option to live in wooden house. Wooden houses have many positive features including ecological, renewable, and environmental material. Nordic Homes engineers will carry out on necessary customization works required for modular technology, including the technical parameter calculations. Also, the customer can choose the desired interior and exterior finishing materials, by keeping the original design solution.

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Readily made house projects as well as opportunity to customize existing project Practical and innovative solutions for residential housing with up to 50 years in construction guarantee Fully finished interior and exterior decoration, installed utilities, plumbing equipment and furniture Easy to transport and assemble without compromising on quality



Nordic Homes offers detailed and ready-made private homes models



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