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Refugee housing

Adaptable, durable, economical and secure modular system for refugees

Nordic Homes has developed tw0 types of refugee housing layouts, with different capacities, using its timber framed modular system and design. Although the overall concept of both buildings are quite similar, the capacity and housing density for each project differs. Version A is a compact building layout with an accommodation capacity of up to 168 persons by placing four persons per one room. Version B’s total area is almost twice as large as Version A and the housing density is two persons per room. Thus, the building capacity is 180 persons. Both projects are easily adaptable for habitats either two or four persons per room.

The basic concept that comprises modules that are assembled next to each other, which creates units of various sizes and functions such as living area sections, kitchen dining sections, auxiliary sections and sanitary sections.

Since the modules are delivered to the site with installed engineering, finished interior and exterior, this solution gives the advantage of rapid assembly of refugee housing, therefore responding immediately to the large demand.

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  • Practical and innovative solutions to help the refugee crisis in Europe
  • Fully finished interior and exterior decor, installed utilities, plumbing equipment and furniture
  • Economical and secure solution with a comfortable habitat for individuals and families
  • Easy to transport and assemble without compromising on quality
  • Basic raw materials used for production are environmentally friendly and renewable
  • Easy to adapt according to specific customer’s requirements, including for persons with disabilities
  • Possible to disassemble and relocate


Manufacturing performance

Factory production ensures high quality, consistent construction and finish, guaranteeing thermal and structural performance. Each volumetric unit, or combination of units, is fully serviced and appointed ready for occupation upon leaving the factory.

strict_quality_nordic_homes-1Strict quality control during the entire manufacturing process
speed_of_construction_nordic_homesSpeed of manufacturing achieves two to four modules per day
strict_quality_nordic_homes-2Cost certainty after design freeze stage
reduces_waste_nordic_homes Reduces on-site wet trades & construction waste, minimal snagging

For refugee housing Nordic Homes provides the following values:  

• External wall: 0,18 W/m²K • Live load for communal areas: 3,0 kN/m²
• Floor: 0,18 W/m²K • Live load for living rooms: 1,5 kN/m²
• Roof: 0,13 W/m²K • Snow & wind loads: according to specific region

There are two different layouts of refugee housing available and offered by Nordic Homes


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